4 Ways Technology Is Changing Preschool For The Better

Whether you attended preschool when you were a child or you have an older child who attended preschool more than ten years ago, times have definitely changed. Research is continually changing the way preschool classes are ran, and technology is making preschool a different type of experience for kids, teachers, and parents. Below are just a few ways that you may notice technology changing the preschool classroom. 

Daily or Weekly Updates About Your Child By Email

Daily or weekly updates about your child are nothing new in many preschools and child care centers. Traditionally, these are a sheet of paper filled out by hand by your child's teacher or an assistant. They generally include information about what your child is learning, skills they have mastered, and any issues they may be having. These reports are now starting to move to dedicated apps that make it easier and quicker for teachers to fill in information about your child. This means that your child's teacher can spend more time with your child's class instead of completing paperwork and you will still get your daily or weekly report delivered to your inbox. As a bonus, these electronic reports tend to include photos of your child throughout the week. 

Easier Access to Online Training and Resources for Teachers

There are a many internet sites dedicated to early education resources. These make it easy for preschool teachers to learn different techniques, get help solving specific classroom management issues, and print out resources for their classes. This means your child is more likely to have fresh lesson plans that fit modern education standards as well as interesting worksheets for coloring or learning. 

A Variety of Technology Available for In-Classroom Use

Some preschools are making technology available to the students, allowing students to learn via education applications on tablets or to watch educational videos on a classroom television. This is a debatable practice, as many parents choose to limit screen time for young children. However, if you allow your child to have screen time, educational screen time with their teacher guiding is definitely a better choice than watching cartoons. 

More Online Parent Groups

Most preschools have an online group for each class. This allows parents to check in with each other and with the teachers. This can keep you better informed about upcoming events and issues that may be present in the classroom. It also gives you an easy way to meet parents of kids your child's age. 

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