What to Expect from Foster Care Training

If you are preparing to foster a child for the first time you will be asked to complete a training program. The fact that you have to train may seem a little daunting especially if you are new to foster care. However, this needn't be the case. Your anxiety about training is a direct result of not knowing what to expect. Here is a guide that will tell you what you will gain from your training.

Child Protection

When you foster a child, you become their primary caregiver and as such you must be aware of what is expected of you in terms of the safety of that child. This is why child protection classes become necessary for you when you foster a child. In this training, you will learn about the history of foster care. You will also learn about adoption care should this become an option for you in the future. Maltreatment of children and what constitutes neglect will also be discussed.

Behavior Management

Some fostered children will have behavioral problems based on the environment which they came from. In order to be a good foster parent, you need to know exactly how to deal with behavioral issues. Your foster care training will teach you about the agency's policy on corporal punishment. It will also show you how to manage negative behaviors in positive ways that do not include the use of corporal punishment. You will be taught how to use natural and logical consequences for bad behavior as well as how to use rewards to promote continued good behavior.

De-scaling of Crisis

In a foster home, things can get tense from time to time. This is often because you as the foster parent are getting used to the child and the child is also getting accustomed to you. While this is occurring conflict can arise and tempers may flare. Your foster care training will show you how to manage your anger as a parent so that you can effectively de-scale any crisis that may occur. You will be taught tips for calming the flaring temper of your foster child so that the entire family can be kept safe.

If you are about to foster a child, it is essential that you know exactly how to manage this situation especially if you are doing it for the first time. Your training will provide you with a host of skills that will help you to grow in confidence as a foster parent. To learn more about the foster care training process, contact services such as Kids Count Too.