4 Ways Technology Is Changing Preschool For The Better

Whether you attended preschool when you were a child or you have an older child who attended preschool more than ten years ago, times have definitely changed. Research is continually changing the way preschool classes are ran, and technology is making preschool a different type of experience for kids, teachers, and parents. Below are just a few ways that you may notice technology changing the preschool classroom.  Daily or Weekly Updates About Your Child By Email

When Preschool Is An Option: Getting Your Child Ready For Kindergarten

If you are considering preschool for your child who will go to kindergarten the following year, you are not alone. From 2000-2014, the percentage of 4-year-old children in a preschool program has hovered around 65%. Almost 50% of those children attended a full-time program in 2104. With the pressure on parents to make sure their children excel in school at an early age, the number of children enrolled in preschool is only expected to rise.

Gaining a Full Understanding of Rigid Childcare Routines

Rigid routines are typically a hallmark of high-quality childcare facilities, but many parents worry that these schedules may annoy their child or even stifle their creativity. That is not the case: rigid routines in a childcare facility are actually highly beneficial to the child. Why Routines Matter in Childcare Settings Childcare experts agree that routines in any childcare setting (whether it's daycare, babysitting, or even taking care of your child at home) are absolutely essential for your child's well-being.